Monday, 7 May 2018

A - Z Challenge 2018 - Reflections

My Reflections on the The Blogging from A to Z Challenge

This is my second A to Z and 2018 was a real challenge for me as April is always a busy month, and this year I decided at the last minute to participate. So I picked a theme on the fly and had many late nights of writing.

Since  my theme was My Family Tree Places, doing this challenge made me realize how far and wide my roots grow.  During the challenge I decided to make a map of all the places I was writing about, and I think I may make another, continuing with all my ancestors. 

I thank all who visited my blog for their support and kind comments. I enjoyed following other genealogy bloggers and was glad to see the late comer persevere and catch up. Everyone did an awesome job! 

Will I participate again next year?  Maybe, we'll have to wait and see. 


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