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A - Z Challenge 2018 - R

The Blogging from A to Z Challenge is to post everyday (except Sunday) in the month of April 2016 starting with the letter A and going all the way to Z. The theme I chose is...
My Family Tree Places.


Regina is the capital city of the Province of  Saskatchewan and has been home to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy ("Depot" Division) since 1885. Before that Regina was headquarters of the North West Mounted Police and then the Royal Northwest Mounted Police. 

Corporal George Seale, 3x cousin 2x removed, was born in Granby Quebec and in 1877 he joined the North West Mounted Police in Montreal. He was given passage to Toronto, signed his Oath of Allegiance in Thunder Bay, then went to Regina for training.  

George was stationed at Cypress Hills, SK. and was there when Sitting Bull came across the border from Montana. 

George was discharged in 1880 and was given a land grant in Manitoba. 

My father-in-law Dollard (Al) Nolin was born in St Boniface, Manitoba and he joined the RCMP on 6 September 1837, doing his training in Regina. Before 1966 all recruits received horse training, and here is Al showing off his skills. 

Al was stationed in Regina Sk, Rockcliffe ON and Montreal QC and was discharged in 1947.

Corporal Chris Seale, my 3x cousin, joined the RCMP in May 1969 at Ottawa, then did his training at "Depot" Regina.  He died January 2000 and was buried in the RCMP Cemetery in Regina. His daughter also joined the RCMP and trained in Regina.

Father-Daughter RCMP

The RCMP is also famous for the Musical Ride which performs at fairs and events across Canada. 

Writing this I came across another Seale (Ernest Charles) that joined the RCMP as a Civilian Member in 1973, and doing a little sleuthing, I discovered he is my 5th cousin. 

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  1. Enjoyed reading this post about RCMP in your family. Will visit again

  2. Regina was the answer (or question) on Jeopardy this week! That picture of Al - did he jump over those people at the picnic table?????


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