Sunday, 10 April 2016

A to Z Challenge - I

The Blogging from A to Z Challenge is to post everyday (except Sunday) in the month of April 2016 starting with the letter A and going all the way to Z. The theme I chose is Genealogy Tips. At the end I will give a related post from my blog Genealogy: Beyond the BMD.

I is for Inventions

I never would have thought to look at invention patents to find my ancestors. That's not the kind of people we are.  Ha!  Was I surprised to find my 2x great grandfather was granted a patent for his method of making a secret pocket in trousers!  Then I got another surprise. The paint and varnish company my grandmother owned hired a neighbour inventor to devise a way of making silk screen posters. You just never know where you are going find your ancestors hiding!

While you are looking up your ancestor names check out other patents, some are quite amusing. Also you don't want to write about anything in your family story that hadn't been invented yet!

You may find invention patents at your country's patent office and notices in the official gazette. If you don't find one of your ancestors, try a company they owned or worked for.

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  1. A type of resource hat I had never thought about. Thank you for the idea.

  2. Your post solves an argument the occurs in many households ie Which way to hang the toilet roll.

  3. I love your post and graphic of the toilet roll - happily I live alone so the toilet roll is always hung the right way :)

  4. Interesting! I hadn't thought of patent records. I am not even sure where I would find them in Australia. Something to look into though!

  5. Wow Dianne you really know how to dig up interesting history about your ancestors. Will remember your 2x great grandfather when using his invention :D

  6. And more about toilet paper and the right way to hang it. Much easier to get it off if rolling forward however a wise farm mother of twelve would put it the other way when there were young children in the home. That way they couldn't easily unroll the whole thing when they used the outhouse. I have used the tip with our sons and grandchildren :D

  7. I would never have thought to look there first, only after I discovered an inventor in the family. Maybe I'll look out of curiosity.
    Visiting from AtoZ
    Jollett Etc.

  8. What interesting snippets you come up with. I do hang my toilet roll the correct way but can understand why you would put it the other way with lots of children around.


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