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A to Z Challenge - Z

The Blogging from A to Z Challenge is to post everyday (except Sunday) in the month of April 2016 starting with the letter A and going all the way to Z. The theme I chose is Genealogy Tips. At the end I will give a related post from my blog Genealogy: Beyond the BMD.

Z is for Sister

Ah ha, you weren't expecting that, were you?

According to the Department of Anthropology at the University of Alabama, in the Kinship Glossary the letter Z = sister, since the letter S is already used for son.

Don't forget the unmarried and/or childless sisters in your tree.  My 2x great grandmother Elizabeth always had her unmarried sister Mary living with her. She is among many unmarried sisters on my tree.

My Aunt Stella was my grandmother's unmarried sister.  She was lots of fun.  She never married because her parents would not let her married the boy she loved. He moved away to the US and married, but that did not stop him from bringing his daughter to visit my aunt from time to time over the years.

Sometimes on my tree I find a male ancestor who is widowed with young children marrying his wife's sister. Keeping it all in the family.

Then you have sisters marrying brothers. Now, now!! Not their own brothers. My 2x great grandmother Susanna Johnston married John Porter and her sister Margaret Johnston married John's brother Thomas Porter.

My great uncle George Seale's wife Clara Annie was a serving sister for the St John's Ambulance in Winnipeg for many years. She was also Honorary President of the George Seale Nursing Division. Her daughter Eleanor also did Red Cross work, and eventually became a doctor.

Eleanor, sitting on the arm of the chair, looks just like her father!

My husband's aunt was a sister with the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.

Sister Thérèse-Joséphine (nee Marie Otila) 

I wrote to the order and they forwarded my email to their archives.  I received a very nice reply with all her service information and dates.  "Ask and ye shall receive."

And finally.... my four daughters (born within 5 years) who are more than sisters, they are best friends.

Photo taken July 1984 at La Ronde, Montreal, Quebec

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Thank you for taking this A to Z journey with me.  I have enjoyed meeting and interacting with many fellow bloggers and seeing what is different or the same in our lives although in different countries and cultures. I have also learned a lot on this journey and I thank you.

I hope you will continue to read my regular blog at Genealogy: Beyond the BMD where I post at least once a week, sometimes more. 

My family stories are at The Days of Their Lives  where I post when the spirit moves me.


  1. HA - yes, that Z-sister is a real surprise. How did you ever stumble upon that little goodie? I like your various observations about sisters. Like you said, sisters marrying brothers (yep, got that!), sisters who didn't marry and/or died childless (yep, SEVERAL like that), and even a sister who served the church and world as a nun.
    Congratulations on surviving A-Z. It's been fun getting to know you.

    1. Haha I have my googling ways! ;-)
      I enjoyed getting to know you as well. You have inspired me to tackle the book my daughter gave me where I have to write about myself. Thanks!

  2. A surprise for me as well but as I have said before you come across some of the best genealogy information there is :D
    I too have relatives that have married a brother-in-law but not because there was young children (have them too) but more for the companionship, appearances and a blossoming relationship after the first wife passed away. There was also a nun siter in my mother's roots we knew little about but like the idea of contacting the order she was in, perhaps they may even have a photo of her...more to add to my growing list (book) of genealogy tasks :D

    1. Thanks Cathern.
      It doesn't hurt to try, and like I said.... "Ask and ye shall receive" ... have faith!

  3. Congratulations on completing the challenge!
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Frankly Scarlett

  4. Well I never .... knew that. Thanks for your posts, Dianne, I am so pleased that the Challenge brought me to your blog. Thanks also for all your comments on my blog - much appreciated. Perhaps one day our paths will cross in the real world!

    1. Thanks Jill. I've had a great time making new friends. I will continue to check in with your blogs.

  5. At last I get some time to read others blogs. Z=sister what a beauty for Z and who would have thought to go to such lengths to find that out. Thank you very much for your comments on my blog.

    1. Thanks Judy. I found it by fluke... hahaha.
      I've enjoyed your posts and will,continue to check in.

  6. Well that was news to me I must say! I think "maiden aunts" are often a great source of family info...they're less distracted by the minutiae of children and families is my theory.


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