Saturday, 4 November 2017

Military Challenge - Charles Seale

I have taken up Patricia Greber's 11-day challenge of posting about one of my military ancestors every day until November 11th. 

Day 4 of the 11-day Military Challenge


47th Frontenac Battalion of Infantry, Kingston.  Promoted to Ensign 30 may 1873.

The 47th Frontenac Battalion of Infantry was authorized 30 November 1866, with Headquarters at Kingston and companies at Storrington (Milburn and Inverary), Elginburg, Portsmouth, Garden Island, Wolfe Island and Harrowsmith.

Charles was given permission to retire with his rank of 2nd Lieutenant on 2 Sept 1881, by Militia General Orders, posted in the Canada Gazette.

Brothers George, John, Thomas, Charles, Alex and William Seale were all in the militia. Thomas, Alex and William only did the minimum drills required by law according to the Militia Act of 1855, and stayed privates. 

George, Charles, Thomas, Alexander and William are my 2nd great uncles. 

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