Sunday, 5 November 2017

Military Challenge - Wilfred Tait

I have taken up Patricia Greber's 11-day challenge of posting about one of my military ancestors every day until November 11th. 

Day 5 of the 11-day Military Challenge


Wilfred Tait enlisted in the Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve on 1 Sept 1914 at the age of 17. During WWI The Naval Reserves were called to action in 1917 to hunt u-boats. 

Wilfred applied to the Government Radiotelegraph Service on 12 October 1917       

The Navy Signal Record shows on what ships and in what capacity he served as a Wireless Operator. His base ship was the Niobe at Halifax, NS and he went out on the SeaGull.

Wilfred applied for his "prize money" for each of the three payouts after the war. The prize money was for each u-boat caught or destroyed by each unit.

At the end of the war Wilfred's last post was at Canso Direction-Finding Station, Nova Scotia, and he was discharged July 15, 1919.

Application for War Badge

Wilfred Tait is my great uncle. He started Square D Company Canada Ltd. 

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