Sunday, 12 November 2017

Military Challenge - George John Seale

I have taken up Patricia Greber's 11-day challenge of posting about one of my military ancestors every day until November 11th. 

Day 12 of the 11-day Military Challenge


I know the challenge is only 11 days, and George was not in the military, but I cannot let this time pass without paying tribute to him for his war efforts.

George was born in Kingston, Ontario.  He worked in Montreal for the Royal Bank, was transferred to Niagara Falls, then to Winnipeg about 1907. At the outbreak of World War I George tried to enlist, but was rejected on medical grounds. He joined the volunteer citizen's movement and soon was asked if he would quit his business and become the administrative manager for the Red Cross. That very day he secured space in the Kennedy Building on Portage avenue and started raising money. Within four months they raised over $1.5 Million. George was the first Commissioner of the Manitoba Red Cross. 

Through the Red Cross George did all he could for the soldiers at the front, and started many programs to help returning soldiers. He worked tirelessly right up to his death on 29 January 1924, at the age of 46. 

Part of Obituary, George John Seale 
Manitoba Free Press,  30 January 1924, pg 11 

After his death, George was honored by having a home nursing division named after him.  

George John Seale is my great uncle. 

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